What our Customers are Saying

 "Wakeboarding and cable parks are my new favorite activity because of this place. A must try for anyone coming to Fruita."

~ Robert P.

"Great place for all skill levels. Terrific staff and a great location!"

~ Alex R. 

"This is an amazing park! We got season passes and have been there almost every day since. Super fun."

~ Dillon M.

" Such a fun place for a fun-filled summer day! The customer service was outstanding and the site was beautiful! The staff made us feel at ease and guided as we took on this new adventure. Definetly will be returning with family and friends!"

~ Laura B.

" I love Imondi Wake Zone! This place is so much fun. All of the staff are very friendly, welcoming and encouraging. They take the time to offer valuable tips on how to hit the features the park has to offer. I appreciate the positive feedback on how to be a better wakeboarder. Can't wait to shred again soon!"

~ Katie J.

"What a perfect addition to an already amazing town. Fantastic staff that encourages progression and even offers up some helpful tips. Being 40+ and never having ridden a cable park I wasn't sure how it would go but I was immediately landing jumps off the kicker and having a blast. Good vibe Great people and super fun for All ages!"

~ Joseph J. 

"The Fruita of Our Labor"

Video by Jeremy Waters

Filmed at Imondi Wake Zone in Fruita, Colorado

"Imondi Wake Zone Opens in Fruita, CO"

News Story by Troy Lynch